Chef Chad Holt

Thank you for the opportunity to present my company and service to you. I am Chad Holt - Chef/Owner of Wandering Chef. I reside in south Austin and provide my personal chef service to the greater Austin area.

Why am I a Personal Chef? I have always loved food and loved to cook. After finishing high school I attended culinary school at the Art Institute of Houston. I spent the following five years working as a professional chef working in a variety of restaurants, high end grocery stores and country clubs. In 1999 I changed careers and entered the corporate business word were I was swept up in the internet "Dot Com Boom" and rode the wave for over six years.

At the end of 2005 I decided to return to cooking and joined the United States Personal Chefs Association. I enjoy making people happy with food, and hope you give me the opportunity to serve you. I also conduct in house catering for dinner and holiday parties. I look forward to meeting and serving you!

Thank you, Chad Holt

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